Sunday, March 30, 2014

Celebration Station:Day 30- Feng and Mr. Torque

Day 30

Today we present two of the leading characters from our story, as drawn by the ever talented Denise Lhamon.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Feng and Mr. Torque.

Not a lot is known about the aged Chinese cook that goes by the moniker of Feng. He is quiet both in speech and movement, able to sneak up on even the most observant of folks. He seems to know a whole lot about everything, but says very little about anything at all. But when he does speak, you best heed his words. For in them lays wisdom well beyond one mortal’s years. He has an uncanny knack of knowing your favorite food without asking, and can whip up even the most fantastic dishes from a seemingly unlimited larder.

Mr. Torque was created for the sole purpose of serving the professor. Due to his eclectic nature, the professor had trouble keeping a human manservant, going through as many as three a month. After growing tired of having to train and retrain new employees, the professor decided to create his own loyal manservant. Thus, Mr. Torque was born. A one of a kind clockwork marvel, Mr. Torque is a mechanical man with taste. He always dresses to the nines and is often flustered by the professor’s frumpy nature. The servant also acts as launderer and seamstress for the entire crew, mending and creating full suits of clothing in between servicing the professor’s simple needs and his own obsession with dime store adventure novels.


Stuck in the Midwest with her family and dog, Denise Lhamon under the clever disguise of R.J.Keith, writes and draws her way through art school. If seen, approach with caution as she spooks easily. If possible, bring tea and biscuits to show you mean no harm. She can be found at her blog:, on twitter @RileyJamesKeith.

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