Saturday, March 29, 2014

Celebration Station: Day 29- Washington Boon and Ched

Day 29
Today we present two of the leading characters from our story, as drawn by the ever talented Denise Lhamon.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Washington Boon and Ched. 

 A weapon smith, a gunslinger and an all around good soul, Boon is best known as the former head security for the Sleipnir. Former because he was not just the last man to hold the position, but because it got him killed. His lingering spirit now haunts his greatest work in iron; his triple barreled revolvers known as Florence and Hortense. Only those sensitive to the dead can speak with him, which comes as quite a surprise to the new head of security, Rodger Dodger.

 Chester Heddediah is known simply as Ched to those who can stand his company long enough to call him friend. Not much is known about his past, but he will confess with a bit of pride to having worked for almost every single one of the many railroad companies across the US. (And subsequently losing his job at each line for one reason or another.) Desperate for help, the professor hired the no good bum as a driver, and thanks to a touch of weird science Ched has never quite been the same since. 
It should be noted that he does tend to drink. A lot.


Stuck in the Midwest with her family and dog, Denise Lhamon under the clever disguise of R.J.Keith, writes and draws her way through art school. If seen, approach with caution as she spooks easily. If possible, bring tea and biscuits to show you mean no harm. She can be found at her blog:, on twitter @RileyJamesKeith.

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