Monday, March 31, 2014

Celebration Station: Day 31- Rodger Dodger

Day 31

Today we present the leading character from our story, as drawn by the ever talented Denise Lhamon.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the man of the hour, Rodger Dodger.

Rodger is a man of many talents, most of which he'd rather not use. He is devilishly smart and handsome, knowing his way well enough around a gun as well as a woman. As an ex-soldier and an experienced driver he is the ideal gunslinger for any rail. But coming out of retirement for a man like Dodger means reawakening all sorts of  ghosts from his past. At the risk of running afoul of old enemies--or even worse, old friends-- Dodger decides to throw in with the crew of the Sleipnir and face his demons along the way.
He just never supposed his old demons would be actual demons. But then again, who could?

 Thanks again for joining us for another amazing Celebration Station. We would like to extend a special thanks to everyone who participated by sharing stories and art work. This little party wouldn't have been possible without the contributions from folks like you. Don't forget to check out our Team Railroad site with the ACS and give to a great cause.
Be sure to tune in next week when we start the next exciting volume of the ongoing story, Volume Ten: Of Mice and Mechanical Men.

Stuck in the Midwest with her family and dog, Denise Lhamon under the clever disguise of R.J.Keith, writes and draws her way through art school. If seen, approach with caution as she spooks easily. If possible, bring tea and biscuits to show you mean no harm. She can be found at her blog:, on twitter @RileyJamesKeith.


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