Characters of Note

The folks of Railroad! are as colorful a cast of characters as you would find anywhere. Here you can read a bit of an overview concerning each one as they appear.

Our Crew:

Rodger Dodger-
Early thirties, a little over six feet tall, of an average weight and build. Black hair, brown eyes, bears a five o’clock shadow well but prefers to keep clean shaven. 
Rodger is a man of many talents, most of which he'd rather not use. He is devilishly smart and handsome  too boot, knowing his way well enough around a gun as well as a woman. As an ex-soldier and an experienced driver he is the ideal gunslinger for any rail. But coming out of retirement for a man like Dodger means reawakening all sorts of  ghosts from his past. At the risk of running afoul of old enemies--or even worse, old friends-- Dodger decides to throw in with the crew of the Sleipnir and face his demons along the way.

He just never supposed his old demons would be actual demons. But then again, who could?

Professor Hieronymus J. Dittmeyer-
Late fifties, five and a half feet tall, stocky build, bordering on a bit of a gut. Green eyes, gray headed, wild beard, shoulder length hair, with a bright gleaming smile that says the mind behind it is working mischief.
Brilliant but cursed, when Professor Dittmeyer isn’t sequestered in his private lab car dreaming up his latest creation, then he is neck deep in some kind of trouble, usually of his own making. Doom and disaster tends to follow the man around like a shadow, trailing him from country to continent and leaving behind a smoking path of ruin everywhere he goes. Despite this, the man keeps on inventing, and even when his creations threaten the very fabric of existence, he can still find a facet of value and turn it into something marketable. 

That is, if he manages to survive long enough to sell it.

Mr. Torque-
Six foot tall, bright copper body with the appearance very much like a man. Dresses impeccably and can’t stand when others do not follow suit. Doesn't speak so much as he criticizes.
Mr. Torque was created for the sole purpose of serving the professor. Due to his eclectic nature, the professor had trouble keeping a human manservant, going through as many as three a month. After growing tired of having to train and retrain new employees, the professor decided to create his own loyal manservant. Thus, Mr. Torque was born. A one of a kind clockwork marvel, Mr. Torque is a mechanical man with taste. He always dresses to the nines and is often flustered by the professor’s frumpy nature. The servant also acts as launderer and seamstress for the entire crew, mending and creating full suits of clothing in between servicing the professor’s simple needs and his own obsession with dime store adventure novels.

Mid twenties, a little over six feet, skeletal in build. Sunken face, boney all over, sallow skin and jaundiced eyes. Smells heavily of whiskey and a lingering funk of death.
Chester Heddediah is known simply as Ched to those who can stand his company long enough to call him friend. Not much is known about his past, but he will confess with a bit of pride to having worked for almost every single one of the many railroad companies across the US. (And subsequently losing his job at each line for one reason or another.) Desperate for help, the professor hired the no good bum as a driver, and thanks to a touch of weird science Ched has never quite been the same since. 

It should be noted that he does tend to drink. A lot.

Washington Boon-
Pushing forty (if he were still alive) stands at an even six foot six, muscular build. Blond, gray eyes, gentle features and kind nature. One big hombre of a ghost.
A weapon smith, a gunslinger and an all around good soul, Boon is best known as the former head security for the Sleipnir. Former because he was not just the last man to hold the position, but because it got him killed. His lingering spirit now haunts his greatest work in iron; his triple barreled revolvers known as Florence and Hortense. Only those sensitive to the dead can speak with him, which comes as quite a surprise to the new head of security, Rodger Dodger.

Lelanea Dittmeyer-
Early twenties, five foot seven, curvy and thick. Brunette, brown eyes, beautiful smile but rarely shows it.
Lelanea is the young niece of the professor, as well as a capable lab partner. She is a beautiful but unhappy woman. Anything and everything troubles her. When not worrying about the state of the world in general, she is constantly anxious for her uncle’s safety, blaming the Dittmeyer family curse for every little thing that happens to him. She is highly independent in spirit, as well as opinionated, and doesn’t mind expressing both aspects with vigor when incensed to do so.

A thin, frail, elderly Chinese male, he appears to be in late seventies or older, just barely five feet tall. Long gray  hair which he keeps in a braid down his back, and sports a long thin mustache and goatee combo. Always dresses in the same intricate silken gown, no matter the weather.
Not a lot is known about the aged Chinese cook that goes by the moniker of Feng. He is quiet both in speech and movement, able to sneak up on even the most observant of folks. He seems to know a whole lot about everything, but says very little about anything at all. But when he does speak, you best heed his words. For in them lays wisdom well beyond one mortal’s years. He has an uncanny knack of knowing your favorite food without asking, and can whip up even the most fantastic dishes from a seemingly limited larder.

Helpful Hands:

The Pack-
Doglike in appearance, loyalty and fight. 
The Pack is a group of unfortunate Civil War veterans subjected to horrible experiments. Each man's DNA has been mixed with that of a dog, leaving him doggish in looks as well as loyalty. They owe Dodger a debt of gratitude for their freedom, as well as their continued existence. 

He stands at an even five feet with a thick shag all over his body, holds a mouthful of cracked teeth and smells almost as strong of whiskey as our Ched.
One of the infamous Pack, Bottle is loyal to the alpha male that will provide his next meal. (Or better still, the next drink.)  Bottle means well, and will do as asked, as long as it dosen't put him in harms way.

Thaddeus Walker-
Tall and thin, kind and strong willed. 
Thaddeus never wanted to be in charge of the Pack, but unfortunately fate had different designs for him. Thad operates the Pack with two goals in mind. The first is to help the Pack realize they are more men than dogs. The second is to get back at the man that made them suffer in the first place.

The Forsaken-
Beautiful, deadly, vampiric.
A group of outcast vampires, The Forsaken have taken residence in an abandoned town of Waxford. There they have set up a bordello which services those as lonely as themselves. These lovely ladies will take but a little of your life's blood and in return give you a night of mind blowing pleasure you will never forget. Now that's a deal, isn't it?

Miss Jessica- 
Plump, blond Southern Bell with an appetite for more than just pleasure.
Miss Jessica is the leader of the Forsaken. It was her idea to run the sex to blood racket of the Desert Rose, and it is her lingering humanity that keeps the other girls from turning into wild Jackals.

Tyler Duncan-
Dusty haired middle aged man, his size depends on his mood and his belt. 
Duncan lost everything one fateful bank robbery years ago. He hit the bottle pretty hard, which took everything left. Dodger and the crew came along to set his wrongs right, and now he is better known as the Veritable Height Cowboy. 

Michael Walking Bear-
An easy seven foot tall, Native American in looks but no tribal markings to show his background.
This Native wants to live a quiet life, but a terrible secret keeps him from finding real peace. His partner and friend turns against him, a situation Dodger manages to help rectify.