Friday, March 28, 2014

Celebration Station: Day 28- Lelanea Dittmeyer and Professor Dittmeyer

Day 28

Today we present two of the leading characters from our story, as drawn by the ever talented Denise Lhamon.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Lelanea Dittmeyer and Professor Dittmeyer.

Lelanea is the young niece of the professor, as well as a capable lab partner. She is a beautiful but unhappy woman. Anything and everything troubles her. When not worrying about the state of the world in general, she is constantly anxious for her uncle’s safety, blaming the Dittmeyer family curse for every little thing that happens to him. She is highly independent in spirit, as well as opinionated, and doesn’t mind expressing both aspects with vigor when incensed.

Brilliant but cursed, when Professor Dittmeyer isn’t sequestered in his private lab car dreaming up his latest creation, then he is neck deep in some kind of trouble, usually of his own making. Doom and disaster tends to follow the man around like a shadow, trailing him from country to continent and leaving behind a smoking path of ruin everywhere he goes. Despite this, the man keeps on inventing, and even when his creations threaten the very fabric of existence, he can still find a facet of value and turn it into something marketable. 

That is, if he manages to survive long enough to sell it.


Stuck in the Midwest with her family and dog, Denise Lhamon under the clever disguise of R.J.Keith, writes and draws her way through art school. If seen, approach with caution as she spooks easily. If possible, bring tea and biscuits to show you mean no harm. She can be found at her blog:, on twitter @RileyJamesKeith.

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