Saturday, March 15, 2014

Celebration Station: Day 15-Scott Vogel

Day 15

Today we visit with our #1 fan, Scott Vogel.

Scott read the first volume of Railroad! while it was still being written, and hasn't stopped since then. As our number one fan, we were anxious to talk with him about the series and his recent diagnosis with AML. Scott was gracious enough to give us a few minutes, as well as a few words. 

As the first reader and subsequently the first fan of Railroad!, what did you think when you first read it? Did you expect the story to go so far?

Scott- When I first read Railroad! I was immediately hooked which isn't a surprise because everything I have read that Tonia has written has been amazing. Her books and stories are exactly what I love to read. There are so many wonderful characters in Railroad! I definitely saw the potential for Railroad! to continue for a long time and I am so glad it has because it's awesome.

Aside from Railroad! what do you like to read?

Scott- My favorite types of book are horror, mystery, suspense, some sci-fi, and basically anything Tonia writes. LOL!

Well, we here at Railroad! are sure she appreciates you saying that. We know she still send you all of her work for test reading, so she must trust your opinion. Let's get a little more personal here, if we can. Your bought with cancer sure has changed your life, and we know for a fact that you are one strong SOB for putting up the fight that you have. Do you have any advice for folks that your fight has taught you?

Scott- The best advice I could give would be to surround yourself with positive people friends and family. Having cancer is definitely a hard thing to go through but I have had the best support system and it has helped a great deal.

And last but not least, what's your favorite Western movie?

Scott- For my favorite Western I would have to pick 2. Lonesome Dove and Unforgiven Followed by The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Scott's family has set up a fund to help with his medical expenses. If you can, please donate. Cancer is not only an awful bastard, it's an expensive one.
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