Friday, March 14, 2014

Celebration Station:Day 14-Joan V

Day 14

Today we visit with alternative model, Joan V.

Joan dropped by to share her steampunk photos with us. When we asked her about her love of modeling for steampunk shoots, this is what she had to say:

"The reasons why I love to shoot Steampunk are : it's FUN, and it's SO flexible , in terms of styling!  You can let your imagination take off when shooting Steampunk themes! Because it's an interesting combination of Victorian elegance , or even whimsy, and also Sci-Fi elements , you can do limitless things when shooting and styling your images.  Let your creativity go with the flow, so to speak!

There are infinite amounts of wardrobing ideas, props, and accessories that can be utilized , and you can create your own story!"

 Born and raised in Winnipeg , MB , Canada , Joan is an
Internationally Published , Professional Alternative Model , with over 20 years of modelling experience. She began amateur modelling at the age of 18 , in the Petite mainstream genre , but realized that her Gothic / Punk rock lifestyle , love of the music , culture and fashion , was her " True Self" , and made the transition to Alternative Modelling in her mid-20's.She was also in a Punk rock band called "The Strange Neighbours" , from 1983 to 1988, singing vocals and playing keyboards.Her love of Alt Fashion, and being in front of the camera since 18 years of age , gives her her true sense of creative expression in photographic art and modelling!Joan's favourite modelling genres are : Goth , Punk , Metal , Victorian , Steampunk , Visual Kei, Lolita, Glam , Fashion , Cosplay ,and Fetish.As a mature model, she works hard to keep herself in good shape , and plans on modelling for as long as she possibly can! : ) It is still a great passion of hers , and she loves every minute of it! 
She is now a featured model for Alternative Models by Entity International , as well as Gorgeous Freaks , Necronos/Mutilador Models, Merciless Models, Morbidly Divine Models, Merciless Models, Disciple Dolls, Alt Girls Extraordinaire, Disciple Dolls, &  Strange Beauty- Model Division. Alternative fashion sites where her photos can be found are : Ms Purdy on Etsy , Retroscope Fashions , Supervixens Boudoir Photography , Recollections, Art of Adornnment, and De Poppenkraal. She is a featured model for: Hungover Empire Alternative Clothing, Azrael's Accomplice Designs, Blanche's Place, Atropine's Oddities, Hecate's Opium Jewellery, Serket Jewelry, Blackpin Vintage Victorian Hatter & Gothic-Fusion Jewellery. This year , Joan will be shooting for Klassy Von Kreeps Accessories, Midnyte Fantasy,  Atelier Gothique, Darkspectre Designs, Caledonia Chic Designs, Faith McGary Couture Gowns & Azrael's Accomplice Designs,  just to name a few. Presently , Joan hosts her own Radio Program on TMV Cafe Internet Radio , called Mental Candy ,which airs live very Wednesday evening at 10 PM CST.  She is the owner/ Chief Editor of the Dark Parlour Magazine - Canada's Alternative Scene Magazine. Joan is regularly published and appears in various publications , both digital and in print formats internationally. She travels abroad at least 5 times per year to shoot with renowned professional photographers and Alternative Designers. Joan is also a classically trained musician , and plays the piano , harpsichord, pipe organ , and electronic keyboards.Joan is available for photo shoot bookings on a flexible schedule and compensation basis.

Joan's Links -

PHOTO CREDITS - All photos by LiVon Photography.  Model - Joan V.  Makeup & Hair by Joan V.
Editing by LiVon Photography and Digital Art by Purple Princess Edits.
Outfit by Lip Service. Steampunk Necklace by Caledonia Chic Designs.  Top Hat and Battenburg Lace Fan by Art of Adornment.
Steampunk Goggles model's own.

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