Friday, February 1, 2013

Celebration Station!

Day 1

Welcome faithful fans and first time readers to our second annual Railroad! Celebration.  

For two years folks have followed the exciting adventures of the Sleipnir crew, and we can’t thank you enough for the support. To celebrate not only entering our third year of sharing the weirdest western to hit the web, but also the release of Volume Six as well as the second omnibus, we have a special treat. Love the weird west? Love steampunk? Then you are going to love the amazing talent we have lined up for you folks! Keep checking back every day because we plan on posting short stories, articles and fantastic pieces of art all across the month of February. 

The first few days will see an introduction of the folks behind the rails. After that we will dive deep into all things weird west and steampunkish. Be sure to check back every day for a new update.

All along the way we will promote the Smile Train charity, and encourage donations to these fine folks. The Smile Train organization helps low income kids with cleft palate issues get the smile they deserve. After the two years of smiles our readers have given us just by keeping up with our adventures, we couldn't think of a better way to pay folks back then by helping the little ones get a smile of their own. 

Thanks again for following the adventures of Rodger Dodger and the crew.

Here is to another year of gun slinging, steampunk action! 
~Your Humble Staff

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