Sunday, February 3, 2013

Celebration Station! Staff Rundown:David Nauhgton-Shires

Day 3 

David Naughton-Shires: Artist, Illustrator, General Bad Ass

From the first volume of Railroad! to our current release this gentleman has been the brains behind the fantastic covers. He is also responsible for the images on the website, as well as an extra piece or two. We tracked Mr. Naughton-Shires down and asked him a few questions regarding his trade. Here was what he had to say:

1) What is most important to you when creating a cover for a novel for an author?

That the author is happy, yeah quite often the idea they have just doesn’t work but it’s my job to help them realize that and give them a viable alternative

2) When it comes to artwork as a whole, what mediums do you prefer?

My main focus as far as work goes is digital but for fun I like nothing more than a piece of scrap paper and a biro and to just see what appears.

3) How does your family and friends feel about your artistic endeavors?

They are very supportive and of course often request that I design stuff for birthday parties and the like and my kids often come home from school and inform me that I am to draw for example Spider-man for one of their friends. Also there is the obvious fact it plays part in our family income so is always appreciated when money arrives. lol!

4) What’s your favorite western?

Really like Eastwood movies both Pale Rider and High Plains drifter. The fact you never actually know if his character is human or supernatural is amazing; but for pure western you can’t beat The Magnificent Seven. I first watched it at college when taking a history of cinema class, it was show with The Seven Samurai. Somewhere I have a paper on the comparisons.

5) If you had a chance to ride with Dodger for a bit and help him defend the Sleipnir, would you take him up on the offer?

Hell yeah, I am fascinated by the old west and the added adventure of a bit of mystery sure would be fine missy.


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Born in England, David now lives in Ireland where he tries his best to sustain a certain standard of living as an artist, writer and security officer. His main interest lies in Horror but often tries his art and writing skill in other areas. His main area of design work is increasingly in book cover design (he continues to work designing many book covers including the volume covers for Railroad! ) but also edits and of course writes himself.
You can see more of his work at and on his Facebook Page

He has a few other places he hangs out on the web which are listed below.

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