Thursday, February 21, 2013

Celebration Station! Mystic Artisans

Day 21

Scientific Study Plate from the HMS Challenger Voyage
By Mystic Artisans

The Challenger expedition of 1872–76 was a scientific exercise that made many discoveries to lay the foundation of oceanography. The expedition was named after the mother vessel, HMS Challenger. We chose this design from among the many plates because we admire the ribbon like quality of the tentacles and the depth of the image. Plus, look at it! It's just so cool!

This second image is from a promotional poster for Elton John's album "Tumbleweed Connection." The entire album carries a very wild western theme, with many of the songs bearing some type of civil war or even pre-civil war influence. Tonie heard that the author of the Railroad! series was quite influenced by the album, and shared this image as a fellow fan of the music.

This piece was done in the style of the pirate mantra, but applies just as aptly to the character of Boon from the Railroad! series. As every fan knows, our favorite spirit can tell to tales either.

Another unique piece, this one was inspired by the woodcuts of the Plague Doctor from much older times. The costume was as functional as it was frightening, providing the doctor a kind of primitive gas mask. The nose of the mask was filled with a variety of herbs, which helped him bear the stench of his victims rotting flesh, as well as breath in a combination of what he thought of as a healing brew.

This work comes as an original piece, in the style of the elder gods of Lovecraftian legend. Cthulhu arises from the depths of his watery prison, to wreak havoc on the pitiful humans above.

A whimsical piece in the line of the "Keep Calm" meme. What better advice can a steampunk or weird western fan receive than to keep calm and grow a mustache?

Last but certainly not least, we have a piece created as a gift for the chair of ConTemporal. (See yesterday's link for more information on the convention.) Note the fine scroll work detail, all wood burned!

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The Mystic Artisans are the husband and wife team of Tonie and Donald Ervin. They create high quality hand crafted objets d'art. From pyrography to etching, every piece is one of a kind in both brilliance and focus. Wood burned plaques, bowls and boxes covered in a plethora of artistic notions ranging from pop culture references to classic Victorian studies. Marble discs etched with a variety of designs such as archaic symbols and even eldritch patterns. They also offer the occasional hand painted art work, for example currently they carry a line of papier-mâché masks decorated in the sugar skull style with a steampunk flair.
You can find them on the web at:

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