Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Celebration Station! ConTemporal

Day 20

The Second Annual ConTemporal Extravaganza

June 28 –30, 2013 at the Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown

ConTemporal is one of only a few conventions that focuses on the experience by creating an immersive event tailored around its on-going storyline. Whether you come to participate in character; discover the joys of steampunk; meet your favorite artists, authors, and musicians; or are simply wandering through on your way to a more favorable temporal abode – ConTemporal has something special in store for you.

The Extravaganza takes place in the temporally-challenged city of Port Raleigh. When the Temporal Research Vehicle (TRV) ConTemporal returned after being lost for more than a century with the technology to control and monitor a limited stabilization of the port, officials leapt at the chance to organize an event and open Port Raleigh to all comers. The resulting, so-called, First Annual ConTemporal Extravaganza was largely hailed as a huge success but the kidnapping of the ship’s navigator during closing ceremonies will forever mar its memory.

While the crew of the TRV ConTemporal is on a desperate hunt to save their navigator, Karma — who was carried off by a nefarious airship crew sporting six-shooters and Stetsons — plans for the Second Annual Extravaganza are quickly coming together. Miss M, or Lady Mary Sydney as you many know her, has personally offered a handsome reward to anyone with information that leads to the return of her beloved friend and shipmate. In the meantime, the TRV ConTemporal has once more taken to the aethric byways but will return to Port Raleigh to rendezvous with the Clockwork Command and other interested parties at the Extravaganza to confer on their findings.

A recent missive from Port Raleigh’s mayor noted the following confirmed dignitaries, artisans, guests and special events:
  • ·        Song Stylings by Tom Smith
  • ·        Maker Extraordinaire Thomas Willeford
  • ·        Storyteller and Artistic Maven Ursula Vernon
  • ·        Allen Wold's Writing Workshop
  • ·        DJ Dr. Phineas T. Toon hosting the Charity Ball
  • ·        Eli August 
  • ·        The Extraordinary Contraptions
  • ·        The Makers Expo
  • ·        Hatton Cross Steampunk
  • ·        Stephen Chapman
  • ·        Big Mammas House of Burlesque
  • ·        Lee Martindale as Lady Blaze
  • ·        Toastmaster Sal Sanfratello
  • ·        The East Coast Pirate Crew
  • ·        Emilie Bush
  • ·        Tonia Brown
  • ·        John Claude Bemis
  • ·        Natania Barron
  • ·        Philippa Ballantine
  • ·        Jessica Cox
  • ·        Tee Morris
  • ·        Enjoy a proper English Tea Room all weekend for only $10.
  • ·        James Maxey
  • ·        Gwendolyn Clare
  • ·        Mur Lafferty
  • ·        JoSelle Vanderhooft
  • ·        New Apprentice Track: Designed for aspiring temporal engineers and steampunk kids!
  • ·        Matt Speroni
  • ·        Action Lab Comics’ Jeremy Whitley, Jason Strutz, and Dave Foland
  • ·        Kass McGann
  • ·        D20 Girls
  • ·        Angela Pritchett
  • ·        Allegra Torres
  • ·        Jen Hilton
  • ·        A Ticketed Dinner with the Guests on Thursday night prior to the Extravaganza opening for only $35.
  • ·        And much more!

Step into the story and come along on the hunt for Karma. Do we find our dear friend? Is she lost forever or, dare we even say it, dead? Register now with the Port Authority (for only $50) to ensure your space at the Second Annual Extravaganza!

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