Friday, March 21, 2014

Celebration Station: Day 21-Steampunk for Simpletons

Day 21

Today we visit again with Travis and Wendy as they bring us Steampunk for Simpletons.

Steampunk For Simpletons is a guide for folks who aren't sure what steampunk is all about, by Travis I. Sivart and Wendy L. Callahan. 

New folks discover steampunk each day, and often their first question is, "What is steampunk?", and their second question is, "What do you do?".

This book, Steampunk for Simpletons, starts with those two questions and expands outward to cover a plethora of topics. From the basics such as where to go and what to do, to the aesthetic of arts within steampunk, we give a guided tour and primer in the world of steampunk.

Once upon a time, two radio co-hosts presented a very tongue-in-cheek topic on an episode of the show Sounds of Steam. It was called “Steampunk for Simpletons”. Then they decided, “Hey, why don’t we compile all of this information, not to mention other resources, into a book, so folks can access it easily?”

Of course, we know you aren’t a simpleton - not any more than you are an “idiot” or a “dummy”. However, we love alliteration (it is our second favorite thing in the world; first is cats), so please bear with us and know we are not insulting you.

In all seriousness, we took the question we get asked most (“What is steampunk?”), added a dash of examples we often use to illustrate the concept, and sprinkled it liberally with community. We hope this recipe is filling enough to sate your hunger for knowledge, but still leaves room for dessert.

We do not claim to be “The One And Only True Authorities on Steampunk”. Goodness, no! As you will see in this book, nothing as eclectic as steampunk could have authorities. What we do claim to be, however, is passionate about this aesthetic and the community that has sprung up around it. This is fun, gosh darn it, and we want you to come in and have fun with us! Of course, if this isn’t your sort of fun, feel free to wave and meander along elsewhere. We can still share stories over a pint from time to time.

Thank you for being interested in this strange, dynamic little world, and for reading this book. Please feel free to direct your queries to us at

Steamy Dreams!

Travis & Wendy


BIO - Travis I. Sivart and Wendy L. Callahan are both published steampunk authors, as well as having a weekly radio show on the subject. Though they do not claim to be the ultimate or complete authority in this beloved genre, they wrote this book hoping to help new folks find their way into the hobby, or help others expand their knowledge of the aesthetic. They also drew upon the knowledge, expertise, and wisdom of many others from the steampunk community, making their book an inclusive and cooperative work.


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