Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Celebration Station: Day 11- David Dunwoody

Day 11

Today we visit with David Dunwoody as he unveils this aural treat for us, Steamed. Enjoy!

“It’s got something!” barked Marshal Lewis, chasing after the automaton. One mighty step could have carried it right over the horizon. Luckily it kept doubling back.
“We already got the whole gang!” wheezed Lewis’s partner. Yet the automaton had definitely caught a signature. Just having trouble locking on. Asshole must have been nearby; the robot always had difficulty when its prey was in its own shadow. 
Then, with a groan, the automaton stopped cold. Locked on. 
“Oh, hell,” said Lewis, and threw his rifle as far from himself as possible, but it was too late. The drone did its duty.


Born in Texas and currently living in Utah, David Dunwoody writes subversive horror fiction, including the EMPIRE zombie series and the collections DARK ENTITIES and UNBOUND & OTHER TALES. Most recent is his post-apocalyptic novel THE HARVEST CYCLE. His work has been published by such outfits as Permuted, Chaosium, Shroud, Gallery, Belfire and Dark Regions. Favorite authors include Lovecraft, King and Barker. More info and free fiction at daviddunwoody.com.

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