Saturday, March 1, 2014

Celebration Station: Day 1- Welcome!

Day 1
Welcome to the 2014 Celebration Station! 

This is the time of year that we folks here at Railroad! take a bit of a break and give others a chance to shine. If you remember, last year's celebration was a busy month of art and stories. This year promises to be just as busy and awesome! 

For three years now y'all have followed the exciting adventures of the Sleipnir and her crew, and once again we can’t thank you enough for the support. To celebrate coming into our fourth and last year of sharing the weirdest western to hit the web, we have the best talent lined up to party with us. And don't forget, we are also celebrating the release of Volume Nine of the series, as well as the third Omnibus Collection. Cheers all around!

The first few days will see an introduction of the folks behind the rails, then after that we will start looking into all things weird west and steampunk. You might recognize a few of the faces, and are sure to find something new to love. Keep checking back every day because we are going to share art, stories and even a tune or two all across the month of March.
Just as the years before, we have chosen a charity to promote during our festivities. This year our charity is extra special and close to our hearts because we selected it in honor of our number one fan, Scott Vogel.

 Scott was the first person to read the very first few pages of the first volume of Railroad! and hasn't stopped reading since. Without his support, our little train may have never made it this far. On September 9, 2013 Scott was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). We tip our hats to Scott and his difficult battle with the bastard of a villain that is cancer. 
In honor of Scott's courageous fight, we have selected the American Cancer Society as this year's charity. We have set up a Team Railroad website through the ACS site and all month long we will encourage folks to donate to both the Team Railroad fund and Scott's personal medical expenses fund. Great causes for great folks. We will also feature an interview with Scott, discussing his battle with cancer and his undying love for the Railroad! series.

So be sure to tune in to our website each day to enjoy this year's Celebration Station! 

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