Thursday, February 7, 2013

Celebration Station! David Dunwoody

Day 7

Grinning Samuel
By David Dunwoody

As much as I love the steampunk aesthetic, I haven’t ventured far into the genre as a writer. I have a lot of admiration for those who can navigate this crossroads of imagined histories and real technological concepts.
The clockwork zombie Grinning Samuel was the subject of my first story sale eight years ago and has become one of the lynchpins in the EMPIRE mythos. He’s an ancient undead whose hands, once those of an artisan clockmaker, now construct mechanized prosthetics to aid his feeding as he continues to rot. He has appeared in EMPIRE’S END, THE UNDEAD: HEADSHOT QUARTET and ZOMBOLOGY.
Check out this full audio production of Samuel’s eponymous debut, courtesy of Dr. Pus:

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Within hours of his birth, David Dunwoody was mistakenly fed to a horse. This trauma has resulted in three horror novels and two collections.
Dave lives in Utah, apparently, and you can visit him & his zombies at

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