Sunday, February 24, 2013

Celebration Station! Cindy Rhodes

Day 24

Where's Tonia Brown?
By Cindy Rhodes

Where’s Tonia Brown?!

Find Tonia Brown
After riding on the train, Tonia Brown decided to visit the local saloon to see what was happening!  Little did she expect to see three zombies, a guy who is “sexy and he knows it,” a machete-wielding pirate, an opera singer, the God Pan, a woman with an arrow through her head, a horse having a drink, a man in his long underwear, and a mermaid!   

Can YOU find these things in this amazing shot? 

And can you answer the question:  Where is Tonia Brown?!

With each smile you make, remember the kids who need some help with theirs.  Join the Smile Train now and make a difference, an important difference, in a child’s life!

With love from Cindy Rhodes aka Mermaid Morrigan

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Help low income kids get the smile they deserve! 


Cindy Rhodes aka Mermaid Morrigan is a shamanic guide and energy healer who just happens to make music and art as well.  Connected by the heart to every person she meets, she tends to her spiritual garden with love and humor.  Priestess of Sedna’s Eternal Cove, she invites everyone to join in our ongoing fight to honor and preserve our beautiful planet and those that live upon it.

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1 comment:

  1. I found the tiny Tonia! Won't spoil it for others.. I'm going back to check out the larger view to find the rest.
    I'm commenting mainly because I just love the cartoon Tonia!